The Buffalo Wool Co. “Stitch Your Stash” Event

Back again for 2017!
June 1 – July 29th

The object of the game is simple: stitch up as many yards of stash yarn as you can in 59 days! Get those hooks and needles clicking — work up some great projects, work down your stash, and post them on Ravelry for cool prizes!

Detailed “Stitch Your Stash” Rules:

  1. Plan all the projects! (Yarn must be purchased BEFORE June 1.)

    New projects – choose a pattern, photograph the yarn intended for use, enjoy your progress, and photograph the finished object!
    UFO – photograph the starting point with intended yarn, and the finishing point, and Yay You!

  2. Add all entries to your Ravelry Projects with a DFWYCSYS17 tag.

  3. Needles down at midnight on July 29! (Scout’s honor!)

  4. Record all totals to the nearest yard.

Include this data in your project listing:

  1. Name
  2. Ravelry Name
  3. Project DATES
  4. Pattern Name (or, “No written pattern”)
  5. Yardage used
  6. Size – small/medium/large, infant/child/adult

As backup, post to DFW Yarn Crawl Ravelry Group threads to be sure our moderators see all your projects:

  1. Contest Thread – tell us you’re participating.
  2. FO Thread – we’ll cross reference your posts with your projects.


  1. Most FO (220 yards or more, each)

  2. Most Yardage Knit

  3. Most Yardage Crocheted




Our sponsor for this event, The Buffalo Wool Company, will fete you in style on the Saturday at the end of the event – Sunday, July 30 at a park to be named soon. Ron and Theresa want you to enjoy an amazing afternoon of fun and games with your stitching peeps. We’ll stitch and visit, eat and celebrate, and revel in your stash busting successes! If you were with us last year, you know exactly how much fun the Miskins always bring with them.

And here’s the best bit – All attendees will get their 2017 DFW Yarn Crawl Passport right there, early, with a BONUS STAMP! Buffalo Wool Company will be a temporary Destination during the party, and you can get your first Passport Stamp, just by attending!  Crawlers who end up with EIGHTEEN stamps at the end of the Crawl will not only get the free T-shirt, but will be eligible for our SUPER DUPER GRAND PRIZE! (Watch for details!)