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Keeping Up with the DFW Yarn Crawl

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2017.5 Pajamas and Buffaloes

The clock is ticking down and our yarn-fondling fingers are getting twitchy, am I right? The 2017 DFW Yarn Crawl is just days away now. Folks are mapping out their routes, both for maximum yarn exposure, but also for maximum Eventzee points gathering. There are...

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2017.4 The Wranglers Enjoy a Mini-Crawl

Last weekend our team of Swag Bag Stuffers and Pony Express Riders got your cool bags put together, bundled by shop, and then delivered to all but three of the LYSs along your route. The only three left were all up in our Far North region: Pendleton Ranch, Cynthia's...

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2017.3 Rollcall of Remarkable

One of my favorite parts of wrangling our Yarn Crawl here in Dallas/Fort Worth is bringing to your attention the superior caliber of yarn talent we enjoy. I get to remind you of all the amazing people and things you're going to experience along the route, both...

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2017.2 – We’ll Be Right Back, After This

Wait, Kilts?* Hey there, Yarn Crawl friend! I wanted to check in quickly and give you some information about the next Yarn Crawl events coming up soon: First, the Stitch Your Stash Celebration Picnic, brought to you by Ron and Theresa Miskin of the Buffalo Wool...

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Yarn Crawl 2017 – It’s Kind of a Big Deal

Unlike a lot of yarn crawls you might find in other parts of the country, the DFW Yarn Crawl is way, way more than just a trot around the city burning up your credit card. It's more than just a few days of fondling shiny yarny things with your pals in the August heat....

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Sponsor Conversation: Liz Gregorian, DFW Fiber Fest

              Here we are about half way through the 2014 Crawl, but there's so much more in store, thanks in large part to our amazing sponsors.  Today I visited with Liz Gregorian, new President of the DFW Fiber Fest, coming up next March 19-22 at the Irving...

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