Welcome to the Sixth Annual DFW Yarn Crawl!

If you’ve never been on a yarn crawl before, the goal is simple – visit as many of our amazing local yarn shops as possible to find new treasures, break out of your well worn trails, and have a great time with your knitting and crocheting pals. The more shops you visit, the bigger the prizes you’ll be eligible to win – icing on the cake!

How to Crawl:

  1. Print out the Official DFW Yarn Crawl Passport (below). Take this Passport with you as you travel around the metroplex visiting these great Destinations.
  2. Hit as many as you like over the course of the Crawl, August 18-27, getting your Passport stamped at each one.
  3. Turn in your Passport at the last shop you visit, or mail it in by September 5th, to be eligible for the prize drawings.
  4. Watch this site to see winners posted on September 11th. (The passport says 9/15, but we CAN’T WAIT!)

The FREE 2017 Passport is HERE!

 2017Passport (1) <–Click this link!
(Updated 8/17/17) ERRATA: Add Tia Dana as an Eventzee Participant, and correct Quixotic’s weekend hours. Reprint, or manually edit your copy!


If you’re considering grabbing the DFW Designers Collection Volume 2 and would like to know what kinds of yarn you’ll need to complete the projects, click this link for the Volume 2 Shopping List –> Vol 2 -Teasers & Shopping List.

The inside looks sort of like this when printed.

2015 Passport Inside

The outside looks kinda like this when printed and folded.

2015 Passport Outside

Print out the two sides of the passport on the front and back of one piece of paper. Fold it twice to make a little “booklet,” with the shop list on the inside. Take this passport with you as you Crawl around the metroplex and get each shop to stamp by their name when you visit. When you’ve visited your last shop, please turn it in to that shop. (If you forget or don’t get it turned in, just mail it in to the address listed on the passport, by September 5.) Once all the passports are collected and verified, winners will be drawn from the entries according to the number of shops visited. More shops = bigger prizes! Keep checking our Prizes page to see the prizes offered by our generous sponsors.

(Note: to turn in a Passport for prizes, you must be old enough and able to knit or crochet–sorry to our baby and toddler Crawlers…)

Crawl Tips:

  1. Carpool with friends and make a day of Crawling together (help your driver with gas money).
  2. Enjoy the special events and treats at the shops, but use good manners.
  3. Stop for a meal together, or take snacks for the road.
  4. Check the Crawl Calendar to stay up on special events planned at the different shops.
  5. Consider re-visiting the shops you’ve found after the Crawl! Don’t they each have amazing qualities and resources?

So, get in touch with your inner Dale Evans, round up a posse of pals, and hit the trail for the Best Yarn Rodeo Around!

*Mail to: Jacob’s Reward Farm, 4308 Church Lane, Parker, TX 75002