We just can’t give away enough prizes here at the DFW Yarn Crawl, and Eventzee is another way we try to get yarny goodness and fun into your hands.


Download the Eventzee app onto your iPhone or Android smartphone or tablet.

Beginning August 18, look for the special Eventzee QR code hiding in plain sight at each Participating Destination and Participating Independent Artist Trunk Show on the Crawl (see list below). Ask the shop owner if you’re stumped and can’t find the code. The Independent Artist should have the code on his/her person.

Scan the QR code with the reader that comes with the Eventzee App.

Follow the instructions given: answer a trivia question and take a selfie, as directed.

Receive points for every code, trivia question, selfie.



  • As an individual: accumulate more points than anyone else. Easy, right? The winner will spend a weekend with 3 of his/her favorite friends at the Luxury McKnittey Lake House, with special celebrity guests.
  • As the member of a Shop Team: sign up through the app to play for your favorite Participating Local Yarn Shop. Recruit others to play for your team. Accumulate points AS A TEAM for your Shop–all team members’ points are tallied together. The Shop Team with the most total points at the end of the Crawl will win a special Team Pizza Party with goodies, at a place and time to be determined.


Q: If I forget to scan the code, may I use a receipt from the store or Indie as proof that I was there?
A: NO. No code, no points.

Q: If an Independent Artist has products at a shop, but is not physically present, will I be able to scan his/her code?
A: Nope. Indie codes only work when the Indie is actually present, on their Trunk Show day.

Q: Can I compete as an Individual AND as a member of a Shop Team?
A. Sure! Points are points!

Q: How do I know which shops and Indies are participating?
A: The passport has an asterisk by every participating LYS’s name. The participating Indie Trunk shows are listed on the Yarn Crawl website at www.dfwyarncrawl.com/events. It might be a good idea to check this page each day before you venture out.

Q: Does each Indie have one code for all their Trunk Shows, or multiple codes?
A: Indies have separate codes for each LOCATION where they have a trunk show. If they are only at one shop, they have one code. If they change shops, there’s a separate code for each location, active WHILE THEY’RE PHYSICALLY PRESENT.

Q: What if my favorite LYS doesn’t have a team?
A: Volunteer to lead the team and recruit members! Let the shop owner know that her team is IN THE HOUSE!

Q: My favorite LYS is not a participating shop. Can I play on their team?
A: Yes. And you will score their undying devotion– but no team points.

The resolution of all disputes will be made by the Game Maker. Her arbitration is final. May the odds be ever in your favor.

List of Participating Shops:

Cynthia’s Corner
Fiber Circle
Fiber Lady
JenningStreet Yarns
Knitting Fairy
Pendleton Ranch
Quixotic Fibers
Tia Dana
West 7th Wool
Yarn and Stitches
*Note: because of a possible conflict of interest, Jacob’s Reward Farm will not have its own team – go spread your love around to our other great LYS’s!

List of Participating Independent Artists:

A Thing For String
Brazen Stitchery
Butterfly Girl Designs
Della-Penelope Soap
Erin Lane Bags
LaurieBea Knits
Lazy Cat Yarns
Leon Alexander
Round Table Yarns
Twisted Owl Studio
Yarn Carnival

Check the Events page for the latest on times and locations of Participating Trunk Shows.