Accessibility Guide

The Yarn Crawl is for everybody, regardless of physical ability level! Because we feel strongly about this, we have enlisted the services of an expert in the area of accessibility. Our new Accessibility Advocate has taken hours and hours personally surveying all our Yarn Crawl Destinations, and visiting with them to learn how best to accommodate absolutely everyone on the the Crawl. She has put together this comprehensive Guide to help everyone plan ahead and prepare for a wonderful Crawl experience.

You’ll find detailed descriptions of getting to every shop, how to park, enter, and enjoy each shop to the fullest. Heck, this guide is valuable to ANY Crawler who likes a bit of notice about what to expect!

Download your free copy here, and keep it handy with your Passport and your Restaurant Guide.

If you run into any challenges along the way, call the Destination shop number on your passport, or call our Accessibility Advocate (“Sweets” Ross is her name, and she certainly is…) at the number provided in the Guide, or call the Crawl Wrangler at 214-284-9218. We’re here for you!

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 4.07.38 PMClick on the image to download your free Accessibility Guide!