About Us

How to Crawl

Yarn Crawling is easy and fun — a road trip around the metroplex by yourself or with a gang of friends to discover new yarn delights! Work out your own route with the help of our map and the schedule of shop hours. You’ve got ten days to hit as many shops as you like. Download the Passport from this site, print it off, and get it stamped at each shop. At the end of the Crawl (or when you’re finished crawling) turn it in at the last shop you visit, or mail it to the address on the Passport — that’s it! You’ll be entered for prize drawings! The more shops you visit, the bigger the prizes you could win!

Our Mission

The Yarn Crawl was born to connect yarn lovers and the Local Yarn Shops, Independent Artists, and other businesses who cater to them. We want to encourage you to get a little out of your comfort zone, travel the city and sample the goodies in lots of shops all over Dallas/Fort Worth. Use your stash and add to it. Stock up for holiday knitting or snag that special skein just for you. It’s a road trip with your yarn pals!

We're Just Beginning

2016 is our Fifth Annual DFW Yarn Crawl, and we learn new things every year. A new chapter in DFW yarn craft was born when so many of our local shops joined hands to bring you the best they have to offer. If you have ideas or suggestions, please drop us a line. Also, please keep up to date with all Yarn Crawl happenings on our Facebook Page and our Ravelry group!

Your 2016 DFW Yarn Crawl Team

Cindy Telisak
Yarn Crawl Wrangler

Cindy organized the first DFW Yarn Crawl in 2012 to encourage area yarn crafters  and to support our local shops.

Lisa Woof
Sponsor Wrangler and Assistant Big Cheese

Lisa has brought the DFW Yarn Crawl to a new level with her mad administration skills and creativity.

Victoria Reyes
Eatery Wrangler and Director of Encouragement

We all have Victoria to thank for the participation of local eateries to make our crawling experience so much more enjoyable. Yummo!

Michelle Knoerzer
Communications Wrangler and Mayhem Manager

Michelle makes sure everyone knows what’s going on. She corrals our mailing list and mass communication efforts–no small feat.